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Duo Lingo

What is DuoLingo ?

DuoLingo is an english language assessment test which tests your proficiency in all the four modules namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

How is different from other tests ?

The unique feature of DuoLingo is that the test cam be taken from home or in fact anywhere.

On which device can I take Duolingo English test ?

The test can be taken only on a computer system or on a laptop. It cannot be taken on a mobile phone or a tablet. It is an in-camera exam , as the the webcam records you throughout the time you take the test.

However, certain environment conducive to taking the test and to proper recording of you taking the test must be maintained. Relevant guidelines are provided.

Who accept Duolingo English test ?

Duolingo English test is being accepted as an alternative to IELTS or PTE by many universities and colleges in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Even embassies accept the score when you go attend the visa interview.

Is Duolingo accepted for PR/ immigration?

Duolingo English test is not, nor will it ever be, accepted for PR by Canada or Australia or any country.

What is the fee for Duolingo English test?

The Duolingo English test is relatively very inexpensive as the test fee is just 49 USD, which comes to about 4000/-. When is the Duolingo English test result released? The Duolingo English test result is released within two days. You can send the score report to any number of academic bodies directly from the website without any fee.

What if my university doesn't accept Duolingo English test?

Even if a university or a college has not explicitly announced that it accepts Duolingo English test, if you make a request through a mail, it often accepts the Duolingo English test.

How tough is the Duolingo English test?

Compared to IELTS or PTE , is is a bit easy. However there are some tricky questions which test your hitherto exposure to English language. Similarly, there are some tasks which need a lot a of drilling in order to get a good score.

How is Duolingo English test scored?

Duolingo English test gives you score in terms of marks on a scale of 0 to 160, in one mark increments.

What score in Duolingo English test is accepted?

A score of 115 / 160 in Duolingo English test is decent score and is accepted by most universities and colleges. However a few universities may demand a higher score.

Detailed pattern of Duolingo English test:

The test is said to be for 60 minutes. However, precisely speaking, the test comprising all the four modules namely listening, reading, writing and speaking, takes 45 mins. There is 10 minutes video interview for which there is no score. This is sent to the university or the college that you submit the score to. The university/college may treat it as sort of SOP ( statement of purpose ). This acts as a security feature to allow academic bodies to verify and confirm who has taken the test. Initially you will be given 5 minutes to set up the system before starting the test.

Initial Set-up : 5 minutes

Actual Test : 45 minutes

Video Interview: 10 minutes

The test is not divided into different sections; instead, questions of all the modules are presented to you randomly. Every single question is independently timed and the time countdown is always displayed on top of the question. Every question is timed between 20 second to 3 minutes only.

Do I need training if I have already taken training in IELTS or PTE?

Yes. even If you have already taken IELTS or PTE training or if you have already attempted IELTS or PTE, you are going to need training in Duolingo English test, because it has questions similar to those in IELTS and PTE. However, if you have taken or trained in both IELTS and PTE, then, you might be able to do 80% of the test.

English Springs Training in Duolingo English test:

Just as we did in IELTS and PTE, English Springs launches Duolingo English test training for the first time in India. English Springs offers the best coaching for Duolingo English test in Hyderabad and in the world.

The training we offer for Duolingo English is a fast-track, yet holistic and score-guaranteeing program. English Springs provides the best Duolingo English test coaching both in-house and online classes. English Springs best Duolingo training includes all the course material , practice tests and mock tests. The support will be extended till you get the desired score.

Online Training for Duolingo English Test:

English Springs offers the world's best training for the highest possible scores in Duolingo English test. The course is available both in fast-track and long-term modes. English Springs online training program for Duolingo English test is in the form of live sessions. The classes are conducted on a secure, stable and user-friendly conferencing platform. English Springs online training program for Duolingo English test is as effective and as convenient as the real classroom sessions are. If you are new to online classes, our technical team will assist and guide you.


*A few details about DuoLingo.*

*It is an English Language Test.*

*_The test can be taken from home on a computer system or a laptop with the camera on. Your face is video-recorded throughout the time you take the test. (I know what you are thinking, but no, it cannot be cheated, as It has several security features *_

*The test is only for 60 mins*

*The result is released in 2 days*

*The ideal score is 115 out of 160.*

*The exam fee is 49 USD ( almost ₹4000/-)*

*The test is being accepted by increasing number of

universities and colleges in the US, the UK and Canada.*

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